Fantasy Football League Codes 2016/17

2016-17 FPL League Codes

Roll-up & get your Fantasy Football League Codes! It is August and that means it is nearly time for the Premier League season to kick off once again, and Fantasy Premier League is back! There’s just 8 days left for all you FPL managers to make another hundred changes to your team and finalize your lineups for kick-off on Saturday August the 13th. With that deadline looming, don’t forget to make sure you have joined up to some classic leagues to enjoy the fun this season. Everyone loves to play against the best and top as many leagues as you can.

Here is a list of Fantasy Premier League League Codes kicking around the interwebs. Keep in mind you can only join up to 15 private leagues and 3 public leagues. You can click on the auto-join link to save on the copy & pasting.

FPL League Codes 2016/17

Fantasy Premier League Tips League Code 1191420-302455 (Auto Join)

Fantasy Football 247‘s League Code 1147-701 (Auto Join)

FF Scout League Code 3000-1538 (Auto Join)

FPL Updates League Code 550-469 (Auto Join)

FPL Reddit Classic League 1929-1459 (Auto Join)

Fantasy Football Tips Co League Code 1291-42864 (Auto Join)

FPL Hints League Code 19-2206 (Auto Join)

FPL Tips League Code 841-22995 (Auto Join)

Fantasy Football Pundits League Code 1350-780 (Auto Join)

FPL Fly League Code 5570-4231 (Auto Join)

All Things FPL League Code 62061-21568 (Auto Join)

Fantasy Football First League Code 235-11756 (Auto Join)

Fantasy Football Eagles League Code 38205-13819 (Auto Join)

Fantasy Football Fix League Code 2723-7690 (Auto Join)

League FAQ’s from FPL

Q: I have been removed from one of my leagues. Why is this?
A: Either you removed yourself accidentally or you were removed from the league by the league administrator. Try rejoining the league using the league code. If you are unsuccessful, please check with your league administrator

Q: How do I renew my private league?
A: If you were the league administrator, and your league was a Classic league, you will have the option to ‘Renew your leagues’ when you click on the ‘Leagues’ tab. If your league was a Head-to-Head league, you will need to create a new league each season, as you are unable to renew this type of private league.

Q: How can I view other teams in my league?
A: Other teams can only be viewed after their first Gameweek has started, to allow managers to keep their team tactics secret. To view a team, simply click on their team name in the league table.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of teams in a private league?
A: No, the more the merrier. However, only 50 teams will be shown at once, so you will have to use the previous/next links to scroll through your league table.

Q: I can’t join a friend’s private league. What do I need to do?
A: First of all you must have entered a team in the game. Once you have a team, make sure that you have the correct league code and that you are entering it in the format it is written, for example 12345-6789.

Q: I still haven’t been added to my league?
A: Your team will be added to the league at the next points update.

Q: Why am I not included in my country’s leaderboard?
A: You are entered into the country league according to your profile. To update your country use the My Account page on Your country league won’t change after your first deadline even if you update your profile.

51 thoughts on “2016-17 FPL League Codes

    1. Pls I need you to enlighten me on the awards or prizes to be won on joining private leagues and public leagues. What is my reward or prize if I come first in your leave and can I receive the award I win.

  1. i am an administrator for an already existing renew league. how do i get the code for it to give to new members to join?

    1. Click on the Option Cog in the Leagues Tab and select Invite Friends. You’ll then see your league code “Code to join this league:” as well as having the ability to invite people via e-mail.

  2. Hello from Brasil,

    I’d like to invite all to my league, The FPL 2016-2017 Challenger,

    League code: 107287-412294.

    Cheers, and good luck.

    1. Click on the Option Cog in the Leagues Tab and select Invite Friends. You’ll then see your league code “Code to join this league:” as well as having the ability to invite people via e-mail.

  3. I can’t join any public leage because when I click on the box it doesn’t show any option to click the numbers can you help me please

  4. Join 3737611-840138 and 3737611-858272
    Classic and Head to Head
    Scoring is recent, the Head to Head has just been created and scoring will start in GW6

  5. hey guys, join ‘MADE MEN LEAGUE on FPL…code 1342398-965568..Its a H-T-H scoring league and scoring starts by GW21.. #Goodluck 💯

  6. New League for new comers.

    This is in preparation for the 2017-2018 Season.

    League Code – 2597290-1006243

  7. Join Sinhgad FPL (India)
    League code-102351-84869
    Winner will be given Paytm cashback upto 500rs for sure.

  8. Hi,

    Creating an Indians only FPL league as it’s still not much popular here in India.

    Join me at 36268-453380

    Let’s see who’s the ‘King of Sindh’!!

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