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Best Defenses 2015-2016

Now that it’s the European summer time and the Premier League is in it’s off season, we have review the performance EPL players and teams to have the best information come August. In this article we’re going to be focusing on defenses, answering questions like; which teams conceded the fewest goals? Which teams kept the most clean sheets? Which defenders had the most assists last season? You have to play at least 3 defenders in your team on a regular gameweek, so maximizing points at the back is essential!

Best Defenses 2015-2016

First lets have a look at goals conceded by club. It was Manchester United who had the best defensive in the league, in terms of fewest goals conceded. United only conceded 34 goals for the whole season, with Louis van Gaal choosing to play a more conservative form of football. I’m sure this stat will delight new manager Jose Mourinho who also likes to keep things tight at the back. North London duo Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal placed second and third respectively. There is a 5 goals jump between Leicester and Arsenal with 36 goals conceded and then Manchester City and Southampton with 41. Interestingly Bournemouth had a worse defensive record than relegated Newcastle United, which is something they’ll need to work on next season.

Club Played Goals Conceded
Manchester United 38 35
Tottenham Hotspur 38 35
Arsenal 38 36
Leicester City 38 36
Manchester City 38 41
Southampton 38 41
West Bromwich Albion 38 48
Liverpool 38 50
Watford 38 50
Crystal Palace 38 51
West Ham United 38 51
Swansea City 38 52
Chelsea 38 53
Everton 38 55
Stoke City 38 55
Sunderland 38 62
Newcastle United 38 65
Bournemouth 38 67
Norwich City 38 67
Aston Villa 38 76

Home Goals Conceded 2015-2016

As you know, home ground advantage is a massive factor in the EPL. In season 2015-16 of the 1,022 goals scored 55% were scored against away defenses. So lets have a look at goals conceded at home, to see which teams were capitalizing on that home ground advantage the most.
There is not much change in the top 4 standings in terms of goals conceded at home, vs total goals conceded. Tottenham Hotspur dropped down to 3rd, conceded an additional 4 goals at home compared to Arsenal. In 5th placed is perhaps the big surprise, with Watford (who finished in 13th place on the table) conceded the 5th fewest goals at home for the season. Even 17th placed Sunderland placing as the 6th best home defense in terms of goals conceded is quite astonishing. To finish so low in the table their away defense must have been horrible.

Team Home Matches Home Goals Conceded
Manchester United 19 9
Arsenal 19 11
Tottenham Hotspur 19 15
Leicester City 19 18
Watford 19 19
Sunderland 19 20
Swansea City 19 20
Manchester City 19 21
Liverpool 19 22
Southampton 19 22
Crystal Palace 19 23
Newcastle United 19 24
Stoke City 19 24
West Bromwich Albion 19 26
West Ham United 19 26
Chelsea 19 30
Everton 19 30
Norwich City 19 30
Bournemouth 19 34
Aston Villa 19 35

Away Goals Scored 2015-2016

Away from home, both Manchester United and Arsenal fell down the table quite considerably. Away it was Leicester City who performed best, conceded less than a goal per game. This fantastic away defense was surely a factor it their winning of the league last season. Southampton came in second place at 19 goals conceded, closely followed by Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur one goal back. It was indeed Sunderland who had the worst away defense in the league, yet somehow managed to avoid relegation on the back of their strong home record.

Team Away Matches Away Goals Conceded
Leicester City 19 18
Southampton 19 19
Manchester City 19 20
Tottenham Hotspur 19 20
West Bromwich Albion 19 22
Chelsea 19 23
Arsenal 19 25
Everton 19 25
West Ham United 19 25
Manchester United 19 26
Crystal Palace 19 28
Liverpool 19 28
Stoke City 19 31
Watford 19 31
Swansea City 19 32
Bournemouth 19 33
Norwich City 19 37
Aston Villa 19 41
Newcastle United 19 41
Sunderland 19 42

Clean Sheets 2015-2016

While conceding few goals is important for your Fantasy Premier League team to not lose points, what you really what to do is see all six’s right across your line of defenders. To do that, you’re going to need clean sheets. So which teams kept the most clean sheets this season? Manchester United and Arsenal equally topped the table with 18 clean sheets a piece. Manchester City & Leicester City were 2 and 3 clean sheets back respectively, then Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton. It’s quite surprising to see Tottenham there in 5th, they conceded equally the fewest goals this season (with Manchester United) but only managed to convert that into 13 clean sheets, as opposed to Manchester United’s 18.

Club Clean Sheets
Manchester United 18
Arsenal 18
Manchester City 16
Leicester City 15
Tottenham Hotspur 13
Southampton 12
West Bromwich Albion 11
Liverpool 11
Watford 11
West Ham United 11
Everton 10
Stoke City 10
Swansea City 9
Chelsea 9
Crystal Palace 8
Newcastle United 8
Sunderland 7
Bournemouth 7
Aston Villa 6
Norwich City 5

Lastly, goals and assists from defenders are invaluable points for your fantasy EPL teams. So lets have a look at which defenders had the most assists last season?

Player Club Assists
Rose TOT 7
Bellerín ARS 6
Daniels BOU 5
Azpilicueta CHE 5
Francis BOU 4
Delaney CRY 4
Fuchs LEI 4
Schlupp LEI 4
Moreno LIV 4
Kolarov MCI 4
Janmaat NEW 4
Bertrand SOU 4
van Aanholt SUN 4
Cresswell WHU 4

Hopefully this is helpful for your FPL teams next season. For more defensive stats, do visit,, or

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